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Our Beef

Macka’s Beef – as nature intended it to be !!

Macka’s Beef is 100% grass-fed, free range, natural beef with no antibiotics or added hormones. It is graded in Australia by MSA to guarantee an excellent eating experience every time – because we grade each cut not just the carcass.

It’s your  choice. Why not choose nature first.

Macka’s beef cattle graze on the lush grass of the best east coast farming land in Australia. Our cattle enjoy a stress-free life, where their care and welfare is paramount to our business – a philosophy and practice passed down from our forefathers. We take pride in being able to lay claim to some of the best grass-fed meat in Australia.

At Macka’s we are a family company, we raise and fatten our cattle from start to finish. We do this with respect for our land and animals and a lot of passion for ensuring our business and our land remains healthy and vibrant for generations to come. Our brand has history and integrity; come and share this with us.

As true Aussie cattle farmers we only want to eat the best beef and we want to share our 100% grass-fed beef with you to enjoy. We invite you to taste the difference!

About the Region

GloucesterGloucester-map is a rural community located in a fertile valley bordered by the Bucketts and Mograni Ranges in New South Wales. A two and a half hour drive north of Sydney, the Gloucester township is surrounded by 3,000sq kms of rugged terrain incorporating farm land, hills, forests, rivers and streams. The Gloucester Shire is part of the beautiful Hunter Valley Region. With naturally lush pastures ideal for rearing cattle, Gloucester provides the perfect environment for raising high quality Angus Beef.

Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef are reared at Woko Station, located in the Gloucester Region and Oakfield Park at Salt Ash in the Port Stephen’s area.

History of Black Angus Cattle in Australia


The first record of black cattle imported into Australia was of 8 black cattle that were unloaded at the Hobart Town docks in Tasmania on the 20th January 1824. These cattle were taken to Dennistoun the property of Captain Patrick Wood, near Bothwell. They were regarded by early writers, and then by the Angus Society of Australia, as the first cattle to come to Australia of a type similar to those that formed the Angus breed in the following 60 years. The genes of these early cattle that arrived at the Hobart Town docks remain in the Edgell’s family Dennistoun Angus herd today, and it remains the oldest property to continuously run Angus cattle in Australia.

This plaque commemorates the shipment of what is believed to have been the first black cattle from Scotland to arrive in Australia in 1824.  The herd of eight cattle from Fifeshire was unloaded in Hobart from the sailing ship Troton on 20 Janaury, 1824.  In the care of their handler, Scotsman James Foster, they were driven from Hobart to Captain Patrick Wood`s property Dennistoun, 8km north east of Bothwell.


The Angus breed of cattle has been specifically bred purely for the production of the highest quality beef. It is renowned for it’s high quality, great taste and healthier fat content. See our Quality page to find out more.

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