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Export beef business comes through drought, fires and COVID-19

Chinese demand for Australian beef is rebounding after taking a hit due to coronavirus, with food safety and quality paramount in Chinese consumers’ minds.

Meat and Livestock Australia reported beef exports to China were down 11 per cent for March year-on-year, but up 10pc on February.

The three generation, family-run operation, grow out their own cattle for export in a 150-day grain fed program. They have two properties near Gloucester, Woko Station and Berrico, and one at Salt Ash, Oakfield Park Since 2015, Robert Mackenzie has travelled to Asia 14 times to promote Mackas Beef, aiming at the high-end food service sector.

“We try to be innovative and have had success doing so, one of those success stories was when we sent beef and lamb to China to make dumplings with Crazy Dragon,” he said.


“We worked extremely hard to maintain our 3000 cow herd throughout the drought, putting down bores and running intense stock water infrastructure.

“We spent close to $400,000 on feed and moved stock around to chase grass.” They also contended with bushfires on one property and floods on others.

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