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Our Location

Mackas Australian Black Angus Beef is reared on three properties, Woko Station, Oakfield Park and Berrico, which are located on the mid north coast of New South Wales on Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Woko Station is located at Woko Road via Thunderbolts Way Gloucester. The Gloucester district was first settled in the 1830’s. The township of Gloucester was first established in 1855, primarily as a sheep and cattle farming area. Today the main industries of the area are; tourism, timber production and cattle farming. Cattle farming, both dairy and beef cattle, remains one of the major industries in and around Gloucester.

Oakfield Park is located at 2684 Nelson Bay Road, Salt Ash. Salt Ash is a blue ribbon coastal parcel of land located in the amazing Port Stephen’s area 15 minutes from Williamtown Airport. This is where the genetics and main breeding is controlled. Port Stephen’s is renowned within Australia for the natural beauty of the region and is considered a premier holiday destination. The magnificent bay is twice the size of Sydney harbour (and twice as beautiful) while the sand dunes are the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. The Port Stephen’s region covers nearly 1,000 square kilometres of white sandy beaches and lush green hinterland.