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Our Story

The Macka’s Story

The story of Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef started back in 1884 where Archie Mackenzie, who was raised by his two aunts, ┬ábegan running cattle in the Port Stephens area of New South Wales in Australia.

Running cattle was in Archie’s blood and the quest to produce the highest quality cattle became his passion. Archie passed the property, and the passion, down to his son Bruce Mackenzie who runs the property today with his only son, Robert.

Macka’s is now heading into the 4th generation with Robert’s two boys, James and Jack, taking a keen interest in the operation. James is in his third year at university studying Business & Agriculture while Jack is undertaking an apprenticeship as a Heavy Plant Mechanic.

Family Owned and Operated

Macka’s has a strong team and being a family business there is as shared passion and commitment that makes things easy.

Bruce and Robert run the coastal operations where the focus is on the genetics and breeding of the highest quality Australian Black Angus cattle.

Our Northern property, Woko Station, is run and managed by Ross and Bridget Edwards . Woko Station is the main property for the fattening operation. Woko Station is a blue ribbon parcel of land in the Gloucester area, a region widely known for cattle farming.

The Macka’s family encourage all their clients, local and overseas, to be able to visit and stay on Woko Station and to experience first hand the operation and passion that is the Macka’s operation.