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Our Farms

Woko Station, Gloucester

Mackas Australian Angus Beef - Woko Station

Woko Station is the main property for the fattening operation. Woko Station is a blue ribbon parcel of land in the Gloucester area, a region widely known for cattle farming.

Woko Station is located at Woko Road via Thunderbolts Way, Gloucester.




Oakfield Park, Salt Ash


Salt Ash is a blue ribbon coastal parcel of land located in the amazing Port Stephen’s area 15 minutes from Williamtown Airport. This is where the genetics and main breeding is controlled.

Oakfield Park is located at 2684 Nelson Bay Road, Salt Ash.




Berrico, Gloucester

berico station“Berrico” Gloucester is one of the most well known cattle properties on the east coast of Australia and is the newest addition to the Macka’s farm collection. Macka’s were delighted to purchase “Berrico” in 2016 with the property changing hands for only the second time since 1861. The property was owned by the Higgins family from the original grant in 1861 until Geoff and Lynn purchased the property in 1987. Mackas Beef is delighted to have another Blue Ribbon Property in the highly sought after Gloucester area.