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About Us

Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef – A Family Success Story Built on Passion, Quality and Commitment.

Hardy and efficient, with an international reputation as the best all round breed for consistent high quality beef and maximum market versatility, Angus Beef reigns supreme in both popularity and profitability.  In fact, since the first head of eight Angus cattle were unloaded in Hobart, Tasmania in 1824, they have risen to become one of the most widespread and sought after temperate beef breeds in the world.

Macka’s Australian Angus Beef, a fifth generation producer of Angus cattle, is part of the breed’s Australian success story, with a history dating back to 1884 when Archie Mackenzie’s Aunts Bella and Audie first started running Black Angus cattle on their property near Port Stephens, NSW.

Fueled by a passion to produce the highest quality cattle, the Mackenzie legacy was passed down to Archie’s son, Bruce, who now runs the property with his son, Robert. With Robert’s two sons now taking a keen interest in the operation, the combination of teamwork and togetherness upholds the family philosophy of quality beef, underscored by a commitment to genetics and breeding.

Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef take a holistic approach to their operation, with Black Angus cattle reared across five New South Wales properties: Woko Station, Berrico Station and Bowman River Station Gloucester; and Oakfield Park and Williamtown Flats in Port Stephens. Here Macka’s beef cattle graze the best east coast farming land in Australia. They enjoy a stress-free life with their care and wellbeing paramount to the company. Macka’s pride themselves on respect for their land and cattle – an ideal that has lead to their brand becoming synonymous with quality, history and integrity.

With a firm grasp of current domestic supply and export landscapes across Asia, Macka’s understands the importance of delivering a first class product to meet the increasing demand for the beef breed genetic predisposition for high quality, great tasting beef with a healthier fat content.

Macka’s beef brands are a range of:

  • 100% grass fed on quality farmland.
  • Grass Feed Grain Finished
  • Grain fed Angus
  • Grain fed non Angus
  • Free range with no antibiotics or added hormones.
  • Superior quality with a finely marbled, firm texture and even fat cover.
  • Quality Assured and produced to Aus-Meat specifications.
  • Accompanied by Macka’s guarantee to exceed expectations through personalised service, detailed processing and supplying of premium quality beef.

Macka’s has a distribution channel capable of flexibility in both quantity and customer requirements, as well as established export markets around the world. This is achieved whilst meeting strict compliance with industry standards and export regulations.

Macka’s does not simply want to be known as a production outlet for supplying quantities of meat, however. Robert Mackenzie, owner of Macka’s, explains it’s more than that: “We don’t want to be known for selling on volume – we sell on quality. It’s our aim to create partnerships with our customers; to be known throughout the world for our prime Angus cuts, also known for a company that thinks outside the square, supplying quality grain feed beef and Wagyu beef, Mackas has also quality growers and feed lots that breed and fatten for our markets. Our passion for personalised service will continue to drive Macka’s to be a stronger player in this marketplace.”

With Black Angus cattle recognised in Australia and across the world as the dominant breed for the production of the highest quality beef, Angus cattle continue to win gold medals in various prestigious beef tasting and carcass competitions with its trademark colour, close-grained texture, and fine intramuscular fat.

With demand for Black Angus showing no signs of slowing, Robert is enthusiastic about the company’s next phase of growth, saying, “I believe our future is in really good hands, especially with my sons now stepping in, and the eldest now finished studying Agriculture and Business at a tertiary level.  Every generation brings something innovative, yet the love of culture, love for people, and love for what we do remains unchanged.”

With a passion and drive as vibrant and promising as the current domestic and export market, the future of Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef’s is looking bright for the next generation of Mackenzie’s and beyond.

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Macka’s Black Angus Beef is Quality Assured and processed to Aus-Meat standards at an export accredited establishment.

Macka’s are proud suppliers to quality restaurants, butchers and wholesalers around the globe.